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It’s More A Question Of  When. . .

At some time in their gaming life most gamers will be faced with video game console repair whether the console is in or out of warranty. This can be for a some gamers a very traumatic experience and probably most just a real nuisance. Most people that play games have very little knowledge of what goes on inside the game console and so could be duped by unscrupulous Technicians.  I think most technical service issues relate to lack of knowledge of these devices.

Do They Break Down That Much ?

You may think that these units fail often if you were to believe the hype on the internet but I think that you should keep all the comment and mudslinging in perspective. The major manufactures are expecting to produce over half a billion units between them for the 4 years ending 2012.  The Chinese and the Indian markets will not have seen anything like full potential sales growth by then.

Well Known Faults

The fact is that the faults that occur with game consoles are very small when compared to the complexity of these pieces of equipment and the sheer numbers of them out there. Game console faults are very well known are well known and documented withing the repair industry, this is because of the huge number of video game consoles out there on the market. There are currently in the order of 100′s of  millions of units in the market place being used by 1000′s of millions of players and the market is still growing at a phenomenal rate.

Video Game Console Repair Numbers.

So if we were to look at potential breakdowns of this number of units and we say we have a failure rate of anywhere from 1% – 3% under warranty that’s a potential failure in numbers of up to 150 million units – failing – under warranty – that’s staggering. No wonder that the manufacturers are slow at fixing the warranty repairs. The time involved in administration of paperwork and accounting of the cost for each repair is mind blowing let alone the time to have a tech sit down and analyze the fault and repair it. If we allow half and hour for the repair and 2 hours for administration

Xbox 360 with 3 red lights error

  • Processing of paperwork .
  • Internal cost accounting
  • Ordering and tracking of parts
  • logistics in ware housing
  • Receiving and unpacking units
  • Cleaning and repacking the repaired units
  • Employment costs
That’s 37.5 Million Hours. At a cost $150 each that’s $22 billion. Now add out of warranty breakdowns as well!

Can we fix it ?  - Yes we can !

You can take matters into your own hands and do the repairs yourself. That may seem difficult or  impossible right now – But hear me out - What you need is some high quality training in basic skills. You follow directions and answer questions on what you see the unit doing, or not doing, that leads you to what parts to replace.

Game Console Training


Video Console Training.

With the right charts to follow and videos to demonstrate how you go about performing the video game console repair it’s really easy. You don’t need to have 35 years of electronics experience  to know how to follow directions. With the number of game consoles growing at such an enormous rate, the potential to make a small business cashing in on the game console repair industry is exciting to say the least.


I’ve Got The Know How.

I’ve been a technician for more that 30 years and fixed all kinds of electronic equipment and I know that the only way to make money out of any repairs is to specialize, if you stick to one kind, brand or model  of equipment you will become a master of that brand or model. If you fix all brands and models  you become a jack of all trades but master of none.  When you specialize you have the power of knowing what to replace even before you open a piece of equipment. That knowledge is the key to making money from technical repairs. Now that piece of advice has taken you a few minutes to learn, it took me many years to figure that out !

Learn Right Now And Learn At Home

Now if you’re interested in finding out how to fix your video game console to see a great training system that will  get your sick Playstation, Wii or XBox up and running like new for a very cheap price in record time. Or it could be the road to your new business cashing in on the video game console repair  market.

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